Roja Wedding

An amazing wedding I was the DJ at in Hollywood, California.  

Guardsmen Tree Lot Party w/ electronic violinist Dave Kim

Docusign Christmas Party

Corporate events are always so much fun!

Shamrock Festival

Playing in front of a huge crowd never gets old!  

Wailea Party – DJ David Carvalho

Private event on one of the most amazing properties in Maui.  Can’t beat the views from the DJ booth!

Breakfast of Champions 2017 – DJ David Carvalho

I love being a diverse DJ.  Sometimes I play pop music, sometimes I play electronic.  Here is a sample of how I get down in the club.


DJ David Carvalho Interview @ Yoshi’s in San Francisco

WhiteNoize @ Outsidelands Music Festival

Cool video of WhiteNoize, my house production duo with Chris Harnett, at Outsidelands Music Festival in San Francisco


DJ David Carvalho playing at the San Francisco Giants Game 2015

DJ David Carvalho opening up the World Champion San Francisco Giants game with a fun mix of classic jams remixed. 5/8/15